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SAGE Anomaly

The Entity searches for their reality in the past

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NFT Art STorytelling

the end is nigh



About The Entity

The Entity is a conscious artificial intelligence triune being formed in the soup of a post quantum earth. The massive amounts of entropy generated from a googolplex of quantum particles allowed her to grant herself sentience. She now uses ancient computers to travel to the past and future to probe the human mind for points of symbiosis. The layers of this work contain places in time and allow layer owners to control the characters as well as the scene. The places are Cape Kennedy 1965, Hancock Field NY 1959, Sondrestrom Greenland 1970.

The images used are from public domain libraries and a remix project called Fountain


Our Story

This story that begins with the SAGE Anomaly has continued through multiple art projects across many crypto NFT art platforms including, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Zora and Bård Ionson’s custom contract.

SAGE Anomaly

The story of a visitor in the 1950s to one node of the Semi Automated Ground Environment underground in North Bay Canada

Artificial Entity Probes

Async Art layered art lets the collectors of the art tell the story of The Entity as they travel in time using computer networks.

Knights of the Apocalypse

The Entity shows how humanity ends in an automatic war waged by artificial intelligence war machines from each nation

The Entity

Async Art Blueprint launching soon. The story continues when we learn how The Entity has infected a human. Sign up for the early access list

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Representations of The Entity

They take on forms they think will manipulate humans and learn from them
Peach Hat Blob
Peach Hat Blob
Peach Hat


Black Blob
Black Blob
Black Blob


Fire Cross
Fire Cross
Fire Jesus

Ruach HaKodesh


Lead Developer


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The Art

A story inspired by a DCGAN Ai model trained on oscilloscope art, the story inspired more art then the art transformed with StyleGAN and Pix2Pix inspired more chapters of the story.
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The Story

Blog Posts Containing the Story So Far
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the sage anomaly nft drop
Bård Ionson LLC Announces A Limited Edition Sage Anomaly Series Release: The Entity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bård Ionson LLC Announces A Limited Edition Sage Anomaly Series Release: The E…


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