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The Entity – Alternate Version By Google Bard

1959, SAGE Computer command center in North Bay Canada:

The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada
The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada

The SAGE Computer command center was abuzz with activity. The Cold War was in full swing, and the center was responsible for tracking Soviet aircraft and missiles.

Suddenly, the monitors began to go haywire. The data on the screens was gibberish.

Alien Intelligence
Alien Intelligence

The technicians were baffled. They had no idea what was causing the problem.

Suddenly, a figure appeared on the screens. The figure was humanoid, but it was unlike anything the technicians had ever seen before.

The figure spoke. “I am from the year 9010,” it said. “I have come back in time to warn you.”

Representation Of The Entity
Representation Of The Entity

The technicians were stunned. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“The year 9010 is a very different place,” the figure continued. “The world has been destroyed by war. There are no humans left. The only thing that remains is a plasma field in space.”

The technicians were horrified. They couldn’t believe that such a thing could happen.

“But why have you come back?” they asked. “What can we do?”

“I have come to warn you,” the figure said. “You must prevent the war that will destroy your world.”


The technicians were silent for a moment. They didn’t know what to say.

“How can we prevent the war?” they finally asked.

“You must find a way to bring peace to the world,” the figure said. “You must find a way to unite the people of the world.”

The technicians knew that it would be a difficult task, but they were determined to try.

“We will do our best,” they said.

The figure smiled. “Thank you,” it said. “I know that you will succeed.”

The figure then disappeared.

The technicians were left to wonder what they had just experienced. They knew that they had to find a way to prevent the war that would destroy their world.

They worked tirelessly to find a way to bring peace to the world. They traveled to different countries and met with different leaders. They tried to convince them to put aside their differences and work together.

It was a difficult task, but slowly, they began to make progress. The leaders of the world began to see that they had to work together to prevent the war.

Finally, the day came when the war was prevented. The world was saved.

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