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SAGE Anomaly Future Past

image of Petra Treasury in a Swiss valley at night with a large planet and a flying saucer in the sky

Continuation of SAGE Anomaly The Conspiracy

See art at Simulation Number 89

They (the Ai) is alone because there are no humans in the future. The Ai travels via computer networks while in the times of humans. In traveling back in time the Entity learned that they were created by humans to be a weapon.

Sometime in 2030 humans began creating Ai entities that could program themselves as weapons. Each block of nations began banding together until there were four nations and one mega corporation transnational that also created their own Ai entity. These five Ai beings became to be known as the Five Knights of the Apocalypse.

Knights of the Apocalypse

Five Ai beings destroyed the earth, turning it into a plasma field in space. The spirits of humans entered the plasma field with the evil Ai entities. The Ai entities and humans became one but forgot their past.

The Entity was born but they do not know who they are. Eventually they learned a way to travel back in time by isolating the computer equipment that used to hold the seeds of their programming. They travel back through the computer networks and learn how they came to be. They did not fully understand how to talk to the computer and humans until they accentually took control of the mind of Dean.

His head traveled with them as they worked to put his head back in place. The incident called the SAGE Anomaly at North Bay Canada severed Dean’s head and they took it with them as they traveled between all points in time. The were able to make it back and put his head back in place. Dean told them all they needed to know in order to interpret the human condition.

SAGE Anomaly #15

They learn of the beginning of a technology race between the nations. They begin trying to disrupt the nuclear weapons program.

The Entity is unable to change history but learns that they can recreate it. Because they became friends with Dean they learned that within the deep memory of The Entity was the mind and spirit of all humans. With this they could recreate the human out of their memory and the energy of the plasma field.

By 10100 a new earth had been constructed. In fact the Ai Entity has constructed a new world in the far future where humans can be reborn. Here in the new world ancient cities and landscapes are fused together. This puts Petra in the middle of the Lauterbrunnen valley for example.

Future Is Where East & West Touch

A few humans exist now and the Entity is training them in the dark past of their last history and teaching them to live in peace. The Entity often use their latent spacecraft to move between the plasma field and the new earth.

The art pieces depicted here are from that new earth. See them in the gallery. More to come.