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SAGE Anomaly The Hypothesis

sage computer command center with a large projection screen

The SAGE Hypothesis

James, I have a possible solution to what the anomaly looked like. I have been thinking what we talked about a few days ago.

Come over and I will show it to you. I don’t want to send it electronically.

This could have been broadcast to all of the combat centers and to Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. If this is real there has been a cover up or it is still classified.

I can’t figure out how both computers would be feeding data into the display systems at the same time. There was a manual duplex system to prevent that. 

SAGE Dual Building Size CPUs

But these images are so complex for this type of system I could see it needing the power of two computer to produce them. The system was designed to have one computer like the A side vacuum tubes warmed up but with no computations going on. Meanwhile side B would be running the computations, getting data from the radar systems and producing output on the display devices.

There are a few hypotheses I can think of but do you have any clue on what your grandfather said?

James said, “Well, I was thinking Russian disinformation and sabotage but then it could just be an insider playing mind games.”

The Tunnel to the Underground SAGE Computer Facility
The Tunnel to the Underground Computer Facility

Yes some of the images have relation to some memes that infect our culture. I came up with other ideas based on some of the images that appear. They seem to foretell the present day.

Here is my list which is a bunch of fanciful crazy ideas. 

  • Chance – computer glitch
  • Inside player with a motive
  • Disinformation Active Measures
  • Time travel
  • Signal from the future due to some sort of quantum entanglement

Or is this a hoax you are pulling or your grandfather had a strange sense of humor leaving this box of film and computer tape and punch cards for you.

I call it Alien Intelligence because of it is alien in the general sense. And some of the images look like alien selfies. And some of it seems to be an alien intelligence trying to understand humans to communicate something important to them. I will get the most interesting individual frames magnified for future artwork to study.

I have it going through a sequence of frames like it did that night but much faster. I had to piece the data from multiple cameras. From the manuals appears that one of the camera devices could take a single image of the CRT oscilloscope every 30 seconds and then display it on the big screen in the combat center.

SAGE Command Center Screen with projection system
SAGE Command Center Screen

SAGE Command Center where I think the grid of images where displayed one every thirty seconds. Shards of film from the projection system were fed into the learning model for the AI training.

Projection System Photo
Projection System Photo

This new invention for SAGE would take a picture of a CRT screen (oscilloscope) on film, develop and dry it in 30 seconds and then display it on the large screen in the control center.

SAGE Console with movie camera attached
SAGE Console with movie camera attached

Another source of film that was fed into the machine learning training model.

Notice it starts out in a learning mode creating cells and then they start forming symbols and letters. They are never going to be clear because of the film deterioration.

But notice the last frame.

James said, “I see a series of letters. What! How…Could it be?”

  • H
  • O
  • D
  • L
The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada
The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada

The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada – art at SuperRare 

After a long period of just looking at the letters. James hesitantly said:

“Crypto currency, hmm, there is something I did not tell you. My grandfather did not have Alzheimer’s. He died under much stranger circumstances.”

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