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SAGE Anomaly The Conspiracy

A command center for monitoring and launching against nuclear attack 1956

The SAGE Conspiracy

Continued from The SAGE Hypothesis and The SAGE Anomaly  – Art at SuperRare.

So your grandfather died under what circumstances, James? As you talk here are the some of the images I was using as clues to figure out what is being communicated by the computers or by whatever is controlling it.

Representation of the Entity

Well it was 1976 my grandad was in the hospital for an operation. The details are unknown because no one saw it happen. He had a reaction to the pain medication. What I told you before about his incoherent statements about SAGE happened at this time. It was a cold night almost as cold as that night in the underground computer facility in 1964.

“Yes the comments about both computers being on line and generating unknown symbols on all the screens. It might be the first case of split brain in a computer. And the test tapes, and the fear of launching a nuclear anti-aircraft missile.” I said.

Missile drawn by AI
Missile drawn by AI

James said, “Yea, he apparently was running around the halls and appeared to be hallucinating.” He yelled something like, “don’t let it launch cancel the fire, confirm with Cheyenne we are not under attack.” 

The Entity Meets Homo Sapien
The Entity Meets Homo Sapien

The Entity Meets Homo Sapien

“Now that is an odd image”, Jame interrupted himself, “a woman and an alien?”.

“Finding this box of computer tape and film with your analysis make me wonder if someone wanted to kill him. But that HODL thing makes no sense – crypto currency is new and this all happened in 1964. The images you picked out seem to fall into UFO and alien tropes.”

“Maybe it means something else or it is just coincidence”, I said, “there is also a whole set of images that look like aircraft firing missies and the Microsoft Windows logos are out of place for the time.”

“But now the hard part about my grandad. He went missing. They searched the hospital floor for him.

Then they found him outside.  There he was, two stories down lying prone on the roof of the adjacent wing of the hospital as if he had fallen there. No one could determine how he had gotten out.”

I sat in horror not unsure what to say.

“I don’t know how they got him out of there but he was alive but unconscious. He had blunt head trauma. He survived but was never the same as his memory was gone. He had severe brain damage and died months later.”

“So he worked on SAGE you said.” James replied, “Yes he was a mathematician, I remember he could compute any math problem in seconds with out paper or calculator. He never mentioned SAGE because it was classified while he was there.”

“So you are wondering if there was foul play, James, …what was his name. So sorry I did not ask sooner.”

“Dean it was Dean, yes but we need to hurry as the trail might be getting cold.

The tape should have the code to produce images like this video (go to 17:00) I found from the company that helped build SAGE, System Development Corporation SDC. Part of the T tape. It is a simulated training run of an attack on the United States.”

Test Simulation of SAGE from SDC

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